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Housing America Corporation - Self-Help Housing

Housing America Corporation‘s Mutual Self-Help Housing Program is operated in Yuma County, specifically in the city of Somerton, Arizona.

Overview of Housing America Corporation’s Self-Help Housing Program

Housing America Corporation’s Mutual Self-Help Housing Program provides assistance to very low and low income individuals and families willing to build 65% of their own house. While building their house participants earn sweat equity which can be equivalent to up to 10% of the house value making homeownership affordable and attainable.

Each participant is placed in a group of 10 to 12 other participants and work together to build each other’s houses. Participants are required to attend Pre-Purchase Counseling Education and Homeownership Education classes and commit to 40 hours of construction labor on weekends.

Generally, 2 participants work 10 hours per day each. An onsite construction supervisor will train participants on each phase of construction process. Construction of the houses takes approximately 10 to 12 months to complete. Participants are able to move in once all the houses of the group are completed and inspected by a USDA Rural Development representative.

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