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The Community Action Commission of Fayette County is a private, nonprofit organization that incorporated under the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964. CAC handles over $4,000,000 annually in federal, state, and local funds. In addition to self-help housing the programs operated include: Salvation Army, Head Start, Weatherization, Transportation, Senior Services, Home Repair, Homeless Shelter, Transitional and Permanent Supportive Housing, a Licensed Supervised Visitation Center, and a 5-county NSP2 program.

Community Action of Fayette County is a member of the following organizations: Ohio Community Development Corporation Association; Coalition on Housing & Homelessness; Community Development Finance Fund; Council on Rural Housing Development in Ohio; National Alliance to End Homelessness; Ohio Public Transit Association; Community Transportation Association of America; Head Start Association; Ohio Partners for Affordable Energy; Ohio Association of Community Action Agencies; National Community Action Partnership; Children Offered Resources Early; Fayette Youth Asset Builders; Fayette County Family & Children First Counsel.

Historical Data of Self-Help Housing Program
Year Began Total # of Homes Built Area Served
1992 240 Fayette and Ross Counties, Ohio

Local Economic Impact of Current 2 Year Grant
Grant Amount $600,000
# of Homes 28
  -New Construction 28
  -Purchase Repair 0
Initial Mortgage & Grant Investment $3,700,524
Total Initial Benefit to Local Economy $2,285,236
  - Income to Local Businesses $419,706
  - Local Wages & Salaries $1,558,521
  - Taxes & Fees to Local Government $179,972
  - Income produced From Closing Transaction $127,037
New Jobs Created & Existing Jobs Sustained 43.31
Long Term Economic Impact $25,903,668



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Budget may risk local Community Action efforts

Record Herald, February 15, 2011

"The loss of CSBG will impact our entire community," said CAC of Fayette County Board Chairman Faye Williamson. "The ripple effect will be far-reaching because the impact of these programs is so deep and so strong."

Community Action Commission of Fayette County served 1,703 people during 2010. These comprehensive services work together to provide opportunities for communities and individuals, said Williamson.

Self-Help Housing Success Story

NCALL's 2009 Annual Report

After operating a Mutual Self-Help Housing Program for over 18 years, Griffiths can see a major difference in the community. "It's great to get families out of the rental cycle and begin building a wealth base. The town also benefits by creating new tax payers and generating additional water and sewer fees. We truly value NCALL's staff development resources. They have definitely been there for us over the years with lots of encouragement and support."

"The mission of Community Action Commission of Fayette County is to do all things necessary to aid in the eliminating poverty, directly or through other organizations, in Fayette County, Ohio, and to sponsor, support and provide housing that is affordable to low income and moderate income persons." Drawing by Tessa, from Bloomingburg, Ohio, whose family participated in the self-help housing program through CAC of Fayette County. Photo from Housing Assistance Council's 2005 Calendar.